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Jira Vulnerability Sync

This plugin is used to automatically sync vulnerabilities from Enclave to Jira Service Management. This plugin runs once a day and will create an issue for each asset that has active vulnerabilities.


To configure this plugin, you're going to need an API token from Jira Service Management. You can create a new API token by following the instructions here. It is recommended that you create a service account for this plugin and scope access directly to the project in question.

This project works by creating a blank service IT project in Jira Service Management for you. You will need to provide the following information:

User emailexample@sidechannel.comThe email address of the user that will be used to create and update the issues. This user must have access to the project in question and the ability to create projects. You can revoke the ability to create projects after the project has been created.
API token****The API token for the user above.
Jira domainhttps://example.atlassian.netThe domain of your Jira instance. This is the domain that you use to access Jira.
Project keyEVULThe project key for the project that you want to create issues in. This is the project that will be created for you.