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Enclave provides a DNS service that allows you to resolve nodes by their name. This is useful for applications that require a DNS service to resolve nodes. For example, if you have a database that requires a DNS name to connect to, you can use the Enclave DNS service to resolve the database node. DNS can also be configured to pass through to an upstream DNS server.

How to configure DNS

To configure DNS, navigate to the Settings -> DNS page. Here you can configure the DNS settings for your Enclave network. Copy the endpoints and configure you DNS resolvers on your system to use the endpoints.

How does DNS work in Enclave?

Enclave DNS works by using a centralized DNS server that is hosted by SideChannel. When an agent starts, it registers your address with the DNS server for the specific organization. When DNS queries are made, if a hostname is matched, it returns the Enclave IP of that node for resolution. If no node is matched, it will pass the query to the upstream DNS server.