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This page is updated anytime there is an agent, API or application update to the Enclave platform.


Application updates
  • Added support for authorization tokens


Application updates
  • Added ability to create multiple asset dashboards
  • Added ability to add dashboard elements from vulnerabilities
  • Added ability to create threshold alerts from asset and vulnerability queries
  • Added EPSS scores


Application updates
  • Vulnerability scanning internal improvements and UI updates
  • Added ability to customize user agent session token expiry time


Application updates
  • Released SWG for early access. Contact our sales team for more information.
  • Added support for periodic scanning and updates to how the discovery process works. This allows for more accurate discovery of assets.
  • Added firewall information for assets


Application updates
  • Fixed bug causing firewall presets to not work correctly in the UI


Application updates
  • Added ephemeral assets
  • Updated asset management to include support for multiple agents per asset and vice versa
  • Added asset relationship map
  • Added dark mode support
  • Updated packages and dependencies
Agent Version [1.8.0]
  • Improved performance
  • Added support for log streaming, useful when running in a container
  • Fixed a pubsub bug that caused connections to not be cleaned up properly


Application updates
  • Internal updates related to managed beacons management/deployment


Application updates
  • Added asset management
Agent Version [1.7.1]
  • Updated support for macOS


Application updates
  • Added support for agent device telemetry
  • Modified organization subnets to be persistent across all nodes


Agent Version [1.7.0]
  • Added support for macOS


Agent Version [1.6.0]
  • Added update functionality
  • Improve performance and service reloads on Windows


Agent Version [1.5.0]
  • Added support for manifest versions 🎉. This allows the ability for features/improvements to be installed into an agent without having to reinstall on a system.
  • Vastly reduced bundle size and overhead for CLI agent versions.
  • Migrated registry to: Vastly reduced image size and overhead.


Agent Version [1.4.0]
  • Finished full transition over from Cipherloc to SideChannel


Agent Version [1.3.2]
  • Fixed issues with service not restarting on linux based machines.



Application updates
Agent Version [1.3.1]
  • Fixed bug when viewing logs of the service


Application updates
  • Added the ability to bulk upload nodes
  • Added Turnstile support
  • Added ability to see debug views in the UI for all nodes, users, and beacons


Application updates
  • Added the ability to authenticate nodes and beacons with registration codes
  • Organization's can export a report of registration codes for onboarding nodes and beacons
Agent Version [1.3.0]
  • Added support for registration codes
  • Tray icons now show the status of the agent


Application updates
  • Free tier managed beacons are now automatically stopped after one week of inactivity. Any reconnection attempts to the network will restart the managed beacon
  • Users can now choose which version of the agent to run on a managed beacon
  • Updated check UI on Dashboard to support better debugging of active checks
  • General performance improvements and UI updates


Agent Version [1.2.1]
  • Bug fix causing invalid configurations in beacons


API version [1.0.0]


Agent version [1.2.0]
  • Added support for relay beacons. Relays allow traffic to be proxied through them in the case where a direct peer to peer connection is not possible between two agents.
  • Updated logos and assets
  • Made reauthentication of a user agent type a better experience.
  • Fixed issue in the debug log stream where it would fail to send the initial connection logs


Application updates
  • Added the ability to assign optional whitelabel IPs to agents. This allows IP restrictions in order to join the VPN.
  • Updated logos and assets
  • Internal package updates


Application updates

Abstracted user authentication to allow for more OpenID Connect providers. Documentation updated to reflect the new OpenID Connect integration flow.


Application updates

Fixed UX of password fields. Updated a bunch of copy. Updated documentation.


First changelog notes. Major features include OAuth 2.0 support for Google and Microsoft for user authentication, ability for user agents to manage their own credentials and the ability to debug an agent from the EMC.

Agent version [1.1.1]
  • Improved reload support for Windows
  • Fixed log tracking to persist across restarts
  • Adding debug log streaming to the EMC
  • Updated Nebula to 1.6
  • Updated packages
Application updates
  • Added OAuth 2.0 integrations for agent authentication for Google and Microsoft
  • Improved heartbeat response time and general performance
  • Added the ability for an agent user to manage their credentials
  • Added recovery codes for agent users
  • Added hardware token authentication support as a second factor to login to the EMC
  • Added ability to view logs from an agent for debugging purposes
  • Added the ability to have multiple owners on an organization